Natural is the new norm

The Red Lipstick Hustler is back! Actress, Writer and Entrepreneur Lillie Young has dropped yet another treasure chest of motivation, this time sharing her most intimate self care routine with us.

As a fashion and beauty influencer myself, I’ve always admired Lillie’s natural beauty and flawless skin. Being an actress on many great TV shows, Lillie certainly looks great on camera, but I can tell you this, she is far from edited or fake, Lillie is even more flawless and stunning in person, and it becomes clearly obvious that she takes very good care of herself, especially her skin, nails, teeth and hair – no filter necessary!!! LOL. You will be doing yourself a great service picking up a copy of her new book, THE RED LIPSTICK HUSTLER BEAUTY GUIDE and applying some of Lillie’s tips to your regular beauty regime Lillie has pulled together natural age old gems, sharing beauty golden nuggets such as rice water treatment, which have proven themselves worthy in the way they are reflected in Lillie’s beautiful natural hair and skin; and I for one am going to pay attention to the originator of beauty tips and products, and let me say, Lillie truly is a great ambassador. And you know what they say: If it works for her, well then I’m definitely down to give it a shot LOL!

I myself was certainly intrigued by the retro remedies Lillie has brought to the surface in this guide; You know the kind of tips handed down by your grandma and generations before that. My mother only used one simple no thrills cream on her face her whole life she never wears makeup especially foundations, and her skin is amazing at 65! You just cant put a price on those tried and tested natural self care hand-me-downs in a world that is saturated with fake filters, over processed chemical beauty products and cheap gimmicks. Lillie inspires you to replace daily caked on contouring, harshly drilled gel acrylics and glued on lace frontals, with natural skin hair and nails appreciation and nurturing. This reminds me that we really need to stop bombarding our bodies with all the millions of shelf top products, quick fixes and salon touch ups and just let our skin, hair and nails breathe for a second (long sigh). Even more-so in these times, when unpredicted quarantine situations force us to have to self-care, without the convenience of hair and nail salons, that we have depended on for so long for our weekly/fortnightly fix – God knows what all these salon visits have been doing to our hair and nails over the years.

Don’t get me wrong I love glamour and great makeup and some quick fake hair for a last minute event, and Lillie and I both understand the pressures to transform for the camera; Lillie is renowned for her classic red lipstick glamor 😉 But there is nothing worse than an unhealthy base, and if I had to choose I would rather have no makeup and healthy fresh skin and hair than bad skin damaged hair and a great cover up. If that’s your thought process too, Lillie will inspire you, and this book is one for your shelf or Kindle device.

I have to say this is an awesome beauty guide for women of color especially the hair section, but women of all cultures will also benefit from Lillie’s health tips, which I believe is core inner beauty that goes beyond skin hair and nails. Lillie’s approach definitely resonates with me and my own approach to maturing gracefully due to good health habits. For me beauty starts on the inside, and Lillie clearly covers self care from the inside out. The emphasis is not just on looking good, but feeling good, and thats another reason why I’m glad I grabbed a copy of this book.

Queen Lillie Hair Growth Oil

In addition to her very detailed and precise beauty regimes, Lillie has created a unique hair growth oil, based on years of personal experience with hair oils and natural hair treatments. I truly believe this is a great product, and one that will be well worth investing in if you are looking to repair or enhance your natural hair. Ladies, we are moving away from harsh chemicals, glues and lace fronts, and moving into the era of natural hair care and growth. I highly recommend while you’re at home, taking this time to read and follow Lillies guide and try out her oil. Spend the time wisely, nurturing and repairing your own God given beauty, it will pay off for you in the long run, and will be a great addition to your self love journey. Your SO will also love it 😉

Add Lillie’s book to your Amazon list or kindle device here :

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